Re: [PATCH] Fix build failure on cygwin.

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> Adding Jon Loeliger (dtc maintainer) to CC.
> Dne 2.4.2012 16:05, Andrej Krutak napsal(a):
> > The _B macro is defined by cygwin in ctype.h.
> > Move the inclusion to avoid build failure.
> But nothing prevents the other system headers from including <ctype.h>
> earlier :-(. A more robust fix would be to rename the macro to something
> that does not clash (fdt_b??). But that's up to Jon.
> Michal


I'll happily accept a patch to rename _B() to something better
or eliminate it entirely.  Patch to devtree-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and CC:'ed to jdl@xxxxxxx, please.

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