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Re: [PATCH 1/2] Input: synaptics - print firmware ID and board number at init

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> > Is there a specific usecase for this, except the nice-to-have?
> Use cases (these are all very real use cases, that we use today, they
> are not hypothetical):
>   * To include firmware and hardware versions in user feedback reports.
>   * Used by factory tests to ensure systems are being built and
> deployed correctly.
>   * Lastly, these are also precursor patches for a larger set that
> adds firmware update capability.  A userspace firmware update script
> can use these APIs to determine which file to load and/or whether such
> a load is necessary.

Thanks. Future firmware update patches is the prime reason for the
sysfs interface, IOW.

> If there is a standard non-driver-specific way of achieving these use
> cases, I'd be happy to modify the implementation to adopt that
> standard.  From what I've seen, however, it looks like most drivers
> have their own ad hoc way of exposing device/vendor specific
> properties.

Precisely. If there is no standard, it is quite alright to try to come
up with one. Otherwise we might as well leave all firmware-related
code in userspace.

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