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[-next regression] USB keyboard stops working occasionally

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sometimes, in the middle of writing, my USB HID keyboard stops sending
interrupts (no changes in /proc/interrupts). I have to hit a key on
another USB interface of that keyboard to resurrect the other. It
happens once or twice a day. It happens with -next since around Friday 4th.

I tried to bisect it a bit (three or four times because of fuzz) in the
past 3 weeks and my suspect number one is currently:
commit 3d9545cc375d117554a9b35dfddadf9189c62775
Author: Alan Stern <stern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon Apr 23 13:54:36 2012 -0400

    EHCI: maintain the ehci->command value properly


I'm currently running on -next 20120518 with that commit reverted for
one whole day and the issue seems to be gone.

Could you take a look and double-check that commit? (Or do you have any
other ideas where to take a look?)

suse labs

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