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Re: [PATCH v3 5/6] hid-multitouch: Switch to device groups

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On Mon, 30 Apr 2012, Benjamin Tissoires wrote:

> though I was not able to test it with the devices we have, I remarked
> a small regression in this patch: the detection of the serial protocol
> is not handled anymore. I was indeed relying on the fact that the
> parameter "id" in mt_probe was null to know that the device was not
> already in the list of known devices. I think that this small pitfall
> can be assessed in a separate commit later (after more testing) to
> keep the patch clear.
> By looking at the whole code of the patch set, Acked-by: Benjamin
> Tissoires <benjamin.tissoires@xxxxxxxxx>
> I'll tell you by the end of the week if anything goes wrong with our
> multitouch devices, but I don't see any reasons why it could fail.

Thanks for the review.

I will still wait for the mt_probe() serial protocol fix, as I'd like to 
be certain that what I push into for-next doesn't introduce any known 
regressions for which there is not a fix floating around yet.

One super-minor thing I have noticed when reviewing this patchset is that 
we have never put a upper bound on HID_DG_CONTACTMAX as presented by the 
device. In an extreme potential case of (likely broken) device this might 
result in memory corruption in mt_probe(), as the argument of kzalloc() 
when allocating the slots will overflow.

But this is not a regressions and has always been there, so something to 
fix separately.

Jiri Kosina
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