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Re: [PATCH] hid: usbhid: fix possible deadlock in __usbhid_submit_report

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Am Montag, 23. April 2012, 17:42:11 schrieb Alan Stern:
> I don't like the idea of changing the status codes.  It would mean 
> changing usb_kill_urb too.


> Instead of changing return codes or adding locks, how about
> implementing a small state machine for each URB?
>         Initially the state is ACTIVE.
>         When the URB times out, acquire the lock.  If the state is not
>         equal to ACTIVE, drop the lock and return immediately (the URB
>         is being unlinked concurrently).  Otherwise set the state to 
>         UNLINK_STARTED, drop the lock, call usb_unlink_urb, and
>         reacquire the lock.  If the state hasn't changed, set it back
>         to ACTIVE.  But if the state has changed to UNLINK_FINISHED,
>         set it to ACTIVE and resubmit.
>         In the completion handler, grab the lock.  If the state
>         is ACTIVE, resubmit.  But if the state is UNLINK_STARTED, 
>         change it to UNLINK_FINISHED and don't resubmit.
> This is a better approach, in that it doesn't make any assumptions 
> regarding synchronous vs. asynchronous unlinks.  If you want, you could 
> have two different ACTIVE substates, one for URBs which haven't yet 
> been unlinked and one for URBs which have been.  Then you could avoid 
> unlinking the same URB twice.

That would work, provided we extend the status machine by an error
code when resubmission is not desired and check for UNLINK_STARTED
also when a timeout begins. But I wouldn't call that a simple solution.


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