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Re: HID regression: Quanta touchscreen, device ID: 0408:3008

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On Mon, 23 Apr 2012, Ming Lei wrote:

> Hi,
> Quanta touchscreen, device ID: 0408:3008, works well on 3.0, but
> double click doesn't work on 3.4-rc2, please refer to detailed report
> on the below link.

Ming Lei,

those two links don't provide any detailed report whatsoever. Looking at

there seems to be quite some discussion, but covering multiple models from 
multiple vendors (and likely multiple different patches needed).

So if there are patches that need to be applied (likely device ID 
additions as far as I understand this monster launchpad bug entry), please 
point me directly to the respective patches or send me a little bit more 
details (VID/PID/protocol needed), and I'll queue the patches.


Jiri Kosina
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