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Re: Proper representation of button touch (as opposed to button press)

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Hi Jason,

> Since "touched" is a natural and distinct button state, it makes sense
> (to me at least) to have EV_KEY define it as an additional legal
> value.

I think it is natural to represent a touched button as an additional
button state, as you say. The question is rather how it should be
incorporated in a backwards-compatible fashion.

Can existing key events be modified to incorporate such a value
without older programs getting confused? Probably not. Can we
duplicate all key values to provided a "touched" version? Maybe. At
least such a scheme would be backwards compatible. If the keys are
added as they become used, it could be sensible. It would also help if
the event properties could be augmented to reflect the touch
property. A new event type would cover it, for instance.

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