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Re: Saitek PS1000 gamepad - HID descriptor wonky

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Hi Simon,

> As you probably noticed this HID descriptor is a little 'weird'.
> First it defines 6 usages
> [...]
> but then only says they are 5 inputs

Indeed. Actually, the controller only has 5 axes. Two analog sticks (4 axes)
and a throttle that is linked to the trigger buttons. Pressing the left
trigger yields a negative axis value and the right trigger produces
positive values. (I assume it's for controlling the acceleration, etc.)
This axis also has a threshold in the positive and negative range each
triggering a button press.

> So the next question has to be how committed to your ($15??) game pad are
> you, and are you will to go through the pain of building/submitting
> patches? It's a great opportunity to put 'kernel dev' on your resume ;-)

Well, I'm always happy when I can hack some code, so count me in. :)
Usually, the only problem for me is to get a decent setup to start

But I guess, I'll have to learn a bit more about HID descriptors before
I can start hacking.

> Otherwise you could look at 'drivers/hid/hid-elecom.c' as a template for
> your patch.

Will take a look at it - thanks!

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