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Re: Saitek PS1000 gamepad - HID descriptor wonky

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Hi Andreas,

> I've attached the hid report descriptor in binary and spec format.

As you probably noticed this HID descriptor is a little 'weird'.

First it defines 6 usages
        Usage (X),                  ; X (30h, dynamic value)
        Usage (Y),                  ; Y (31h, dynamic value)
        Usage (Z),                  ; Z (32h, dynamic value)
        Usage (Rz),                 ; Rz (35h, dynamic value)
        Usage (Rx),                 ; Rx (33h, dynamic value)
        Usage (Slider),             ; Slider (36h, dynamic value)

but then only says they are 5 inputs
        Report Count (5),

I'm guessing that if you adjust the report count to '6' then your 6th axis
might start working, and possibly the hat-switch and buttons too...

So the next question has to be how committed to your ($15??) game pad are
you, and are you will to go through the pain of building/submitting
patches? It's a great opportunity to put 'kernel dev' on your resume ;-)

I'll have to defer to the other kernel devs....

Q. Is there a way of patching a HID descriptor without writing a driver?

Otherwise you could look at 'drivers/hid/hid-elecom.c' as a template for
your patch.

Good luck, and feel free to ask questions,

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