[ANNOUNCE] dracut 021 release

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Here comes a new dracut version. Thanks to all who have contributed to
this release.

The tarball can be found here:


Git Web:

Git Web RSS Feed:

Project Page:

Project Wiki:

The ChangeLog can be found here:

- fixed systemd in the initramfs (requires systemd >= 187)
- dracut-install: massive speedup with /var on the same filesystem with COW copy
- dracut-install: moved to /usr/lib/dracut until it becomes a general
  purpose tool
- new options: "rd.usrmount.ro" and "rd.skipfsck"
- less mount/umount
- apply "ro" on the kernel command line also to /usr
- mount according to fstab, if neither "ro" or "rw" is specified
- skip fsck for xfs and btrfs. remount is enough
- give emergency_shell if /usr mount failed
- dracut now uses getopt:
  * options can be position independent now!!
  * we can now use --option=<arg>
- added option "--kver=<kernel-version>", and the image location can be omitted
  # dracut --kver 3.5.0-0.rc7.git1.2.fc18.x86_64
- dracut.sh: for --include copy also the symbolic links
- man pages: lsinitrd and mkinitrd added
- network: We do not support renaming in the kernel namespace anymore
  (as udev does that not anymore). So, if a user wants to use ifname, he has to
  rename to a custom namespace. "eth[0-9]+" is not allowed anymore. !!!!!
- resume: moved the resume process to the initqueue.
  This should prevent accidently mounting the root file system.
- testsuite: add support for: make V=1 TESTS="01 20 40" check
    $ sudo make V=1 clean check
    now runs the testsuite in verbose mode

    $ sudo make TESTS="01 20 40" clean check
    now only runs the 01, 20 and 40 tests.

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