Re: dracut does not mount iscsi targets specified using --mount option

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Am 25.04.2012 17:02, schrieb Vivek Goyal:
> Problem is that I don't know all the details in kdump. Only thing user
> has told kdump is top level mount point. We don't even know that this 
> mount point is on top of multipath + iscsi + underlying network.
> I was hoping that iscsi dracut module will store all the relevant 
> information when it finds a device is iscsi device and bring that
> device up in second kernel. That includes storing information about
> network card and bringing it up.
> We have device traversal code in rhel6 mkdumprd but I end up duplicating
> all the code in rhel7 kdump, then it just increases the complexity
> in kdump module.
> I was hoping that generic iscsi dracut-module will take care of storing
> all the info itself once it knows it has said "yes" to an iscsi device
> in check() function.
> Thanks
> Vivek

Ok, here I could use some help from you guys.
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