Re: Debian multiarch support

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Before considering my patch I should note that it has a bug, it should be:

 # Detect lib paths
 [[ $libdir ]] || for libdir in /lib64 /lib; do
-    [[ -d $libdir ]] && break
+    [[ -d $libdir ]] && libdirs+=" $libdir" && break
 done || {
    dfatal 'No lib directory?!!!'
    exit 1

 [[ $usrlibdir ]] || for usrlibdir in /usr/lib64 /usr/lib; do
-    [[ -d $usrlibdir ]] && break
+    [[ -d $usrlibdir ]] && libdirs+=" $usrlibdir" && break
 done || dwarn 'No usr/lib directory!'

Now there is a space before $libdir and $usrlibdir, which avoids
suffixing the libdirs value defined on a *.conf file with $libdir. I'm


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