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'Twas brillig, and Roberto Sassu at 21/02/12 10:05 did gyre and gimble:
>> Well, if the rumours I keep hearing are true Ubuntu might join the
>> systemd camp too after their LTS release. Maybe the supporting
>> non-systemd systems issues solves itself by that for you?
> The code for loading IMA custom policies was placed in the initial
> ramdisk with the purpose to avoid distribution specific dependencies.
> However, since the SELinux initialization has been moved to Systemd
> and Systemd itself will be used by the major distributions, i think
> placing the IMA code here is the best solution, even if it is not the
> most general.

Just for reference, not all distros use the same initrd generator
anyway. We're trying to move to dracut, but it's certainly not universal
at the moment. I think Suse use something else (maybe they plan to move
to dracut too?) and I've no idea about Ubuntu but I doubt they use dracut.

So I'd suggest that at the moment, systemd will actually get you wider
coverage... although that's just a slightly ill-informed and hand-wave
analysis on my part. Either way, I think it's better in systemd :D



Colin Guthrie

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