Re: [PATCH 2/2] remove the global --sshkey parameter

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On 01/12/2012 10:15 AM, Dave Young wrote:
On 01/11/2012 05:54 PM, Cong Wang wrote:

On 01/11/2012 10:59 AM, Dave Young wrote:



After removing --sshkey we need to parse dracut_module_args for module
use. Maybe in a general function of dracut-lib will be fine.

Also need consider the multi-param case like below:

Ie. in ssh-client module we need to parse "sshkey=/root/.ssh/id_rsa" for
installing sshkey

It is already done by the first patch. :)

During my test, the $sshkey is only available in check() function,
finally the key was not installed to initramfs. Please see my another reply

Hmm, so sshkey= parameter should be passed to both check() and install()... I think I need to redesign the command line interface.

Note that, I designed to use colons to separate parameters, not commas,
even if you pass multiple parameters.

I think A:b,c,d looks better, but I have no strong opinion about this
because right half of first colon can be seen as param which can be
defined and parsed by specific module.

Makes sense, I will check if this is hard to be done.
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