small updates for dmsquash-live module

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These are just some smallish updates for dmsquash-live.

Patch 1/3 is just a few cleanups - inessential, but nice to have.

Patch 2/3 makes dmsquash-live-root determine the image type (i.e.
squashed or unsquashed) by mounting it and checking the filesystem
type, rather than requiring a specific filename. This is important for
the livenet module (which will be appearing in a later email).

Patch 3/3 is simple and useful - it adds a pre-pivot hook which will
copy any files found in /updates in the initramfs into the live
filesystem. This allows hotfixes to live images. Whee!

 modules.d/90dmsquash-live/ |    7 ++++++
 modules.d/90dmsquash-live/dmsquash-live-root    |   27 ++++++++++++++--------
 modules.d/90dmsquash-live/       |    1 +
 3 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)


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