re: iio:magnetometer:mag3110: Scale factor missing for temperature

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Hello Peter Meerwald,

The patch f9279d3a8cc8: "iio:magnetometer:mag3110: Scale factor
missing for temperature" from Oct 1, 2014, leads to the following
[ just the other day people were searching the internet for time
  travellers from the future ].

static checker warning:

	drivers/iio/magnetometer/mag3110.c:197 mag3110_read_raw()
	info: ignoring unreachable code.

   185          case IIO_CHAN_INFO_SCALE:
   186                  switch (chan->type) {
   187                  case IIO_MAGN:
   188                          *val = 0;
   189                          *val2 = 1000;
   190                          return IIO_VAL_INT_PLUS_MICRO;
   191                  case IIO_TEMP:
   192                          *val = 1000;
   193                          return IIO_VAL_INT;
   194                  default:
   195                          return -EINVAL;
   196                  }
   197                  return IIO_VAL_INT_PLUS_MICRO;
Was -EINVAL intended here?

dan carpenter
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