iio: v3, add support for HMC5883/HMC5883L to HMC5843 driver

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here is a v3 patch series to extend the HMC5843 magnetometer 
driver to support the HMC5883/HMC5883L devices

patch 1 fixes access issues to the hmc5843 private data,
patches 2 to 8 are preparatory patches,
patch 9 actually brings in the support for the new devices

patches 1 to 7 are same as v2
patch 8 is new and splits out one modification as suggested
patch 9 addresses all review comments (see detailed history there)

the timeout in the read loop has not yet been implemented (suggestions by 
Lars-Peter Clausen)

the driver has a severe limitation: X/Y/Z must ALL be read to allow new
data to become available (the device goes into a locked state until all 
are read), discussed but not worked on yet

Belisko Marek is also working on HMC5883 support and intends to improve the
driver once merged

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