Re: necessity of manual reset attribute in drivers?

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On 4/24/2012 8:52 AM, Hennerich, Michael wrote:
Jonathan Cameron wrote on 2012-04-22:
Hi All,

I vaguely recall asking this in response to certain drivers over the
years, but what is the usecase for userspace 'resetting' a device via
a reset attribute?  It's reasonably common in the drivers but not
(as I've kept it out) in the abi docs.

It is common in some of Analog's inertial sensor drivers but I think
turns up in various other places.
Ideally we shouldn't have such an attribute.
Error checking and handling should be all done in the drivers, if possible.
I don't remember exactly why it went into one of the original inertial sensor drivers.
But I think it went there to provide error correction, in case plausibility/error checking
of the delivered data failed.
I also suspect it then got copied over and over again.
That's what I suspected had happened. Shall we aim to kill it off in these drivers before they move out of staging? I'm always happy to delete code if no one else
gets to them first ;)
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