Re: [RFC] iio: amplifiers: New driver for AD8366 Dual-Digital Variable Gain Amplifier

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On 3/22/2012 9:53 AM, Michael Hennerich wrote:
On 03/22/2012 10:10 AM, Jonathan Cameron wrote:
On 3/22/2012 8:52 AM, Michael Hennerich wrote:
On 03/21/2012 08:34 PM, Jonathan Cameron wrote:
On 02/22/2012 12:36 PM, michael.hennerich@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Michael Hennerich<michael.hennerich@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sorry for the slow response on this one. Been off sick...

Anyhow, I'm still not sure what the right interface for this type
of device is.

The obvious options are:

1) Make gain an IIO type (doesn't make much sense as gain is only going
to be of one particular existing type).
2) Have it as an IIO_ALTVOLTAGE channel as you have here and use extend
name.  Any real reason for picking altvoltage rather than voltage?
I'm open for advice. Since I made the amplifier being an OUT type device
I chose IIO_ALTVOLTAGE analogous to our DDS/PLL drivers.
Some VGAs/PGAs work from DC, but typically VGAs are HF devices.
Hmm.. Don't suppose it really matters but we ought to aim for consistency
(by review) at least.  This particular part is DC through to 600MHz.
Clearly gain has the same meaning in either case (assuming it's linear).
3) Make a change to core to allow a channel to have elements in
info_mask but not actually to have a raw access.  Not entirely sure
how we will do that cleanly.  Also it's not clear whether the gain
would be an IN or an OUT channel type!
Well - having the ability for channels without raw access element
would be of interest.
True enough. Cleanest way to do this that I can think of is to make a tree
wide change to add the raw element to the info_mask.  We could allow for
a zero info_mask value actually being the equivalent of having only a raw
channel.  It's invasive but if we agreee it should be done now is
probably the
best time to do it (just post merge window etc).
Well - to make the change less invasive - we could use reversed logic
add a new info_mask element IIO_CHAN_INFO_NO_RAW=0.
We already reserve 0...
I wondered about doing exactly that as well.
Less invasive but then we have a rather illogical setup... If we were out of staging then we'd probably go with that hack, but given we still have scope to make wholesale changes, lets do it properly... Almost every channel should have an info_mask set anyway (only exception is processed channels where nothing is controllable) an there
are very very few of them.

I'll do this change if we go with it as I have some patches clearling out IIO_CHAN
macro usage once and for all and this is sure as heck going to clash!

Whilst here, we clearly need way of destinguishing values in DB from linear
gains.  Could add a new return type for read_raw callbacks?
That should work. ... and the core adds dB to the string?
That's what I was thinking. Not ideal, but it's still reasonably machine readable and should work fine with in kernel users as well as long as the reader / writer is expecting
it (or the boiler plate code is).

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