whitelist entry for device with known good pata-sata bridge

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I have an external SATA drive that was slowed down by bridge limits. I
found a solution in a thread on this list posted in 2008: It introduces
whitelist entries in libata-core.c for devices with well working bridges
(e.g. email on Fri, 31 Oct 2008 01:45:27 -0400).

I added my device to this whitelist in a custom built kernel and it
works fine for weeks now. How can I have this device added on the
whitelist within the official kernel? Is this whitelist mechanism still
supported or is there a smarter way to achieve whitelisting?

I added the following whitelist entry for my Buffalo DriveStation
Quattro "BUFFALO HD-QSU2/R5":

        /* Devices that do not need bridging limits applied */
        { "MTRON MSP-SATA*",            NULL,   ATA_HORKAGE_BRIDGE_OK, },
        { "BUFFALO HD-QSU2/R5",         NULL,   ATA_HORKAGE_BRIDGE_OK, },



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