ata_eh_link_autopsy: Bug?

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In libata-eh.c, the function ata_eh_link_autopsy() tries to decide
if an operation is worth retrying.

I notice that for MEDIA ERRORs, it always sits there for minutes
doing futile retries, when it's pretty obvious that the drive
is reporting an uncorrectable error.

Is this code correct?

                /* determine whether the command is worth retrying */
                if (qc->flags & ATA_QCFLAG_IO ||
                    (!(qc->err_mask & AC_ERR_INVALID) &&
                     qc->err_mask != AC_ERR_DEV))
                        qc->flags |= ATA_QCFLAG_RETRY;

I think this part may be incorrect:  qc->err_mask != AC_ERR_DEV
Shouldn't that test be this instead:  !(qc->err_mask & AC_ERR_DEV)  ??

The mask is just about never exactly equal to AC_ERR_DEV.
In the case of a media error, it is (AC_ERR_DEV | AC_ERR_MEDIA) at this point.


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