Re: [PATCH 1/3] PATA host controller driver for ep93xx

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On 2012-04-02 10:08, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Monday 02 April 2012, Rafal Prylowski wrote:
>> I selected "PATA SFF controllers with BMDMA" list because the driver
>> inherits .ata_bmdma_port_ops (this is in libata-sff.c, which is compiled
>> only if ATA_SFF is set).
> Ok, I see. Is it actually the right one to inherit from though?
> You end up overriding most of the opterations that are set there again,
> the only ones that you use are:
> ata_bmdma_error_handler, ata_bmdma_post_internal_cmd, ata_bmdma_qc_issue,
> ata_sff_qc_fill_rtf, ata_sff_freeze, ata_sff_thaw, ata_sff_prereset,
> ata_sff_postreset and ata_sff_error_handler.
> Are you sure they are all doing the righ thing on your hardware? If
> not, it might be better to explicitly just set the ones you need and
> see if that still uses any sff functions in the end.
> 	Arnd

I think that inheriting from .ata_bmdma_port_ops is quite reasonable.
Another option would be to inherit from .ata_sff_port_ops and implement
.qc_issue hook (like in pata_octeon_cf.c), but this way we end up
reimplementing the same things from libata-sff.c, IMHO. Also, I think
that it's not possible to write PATA driver without this SFF stuff
(at least for me - I'm not libata expert).
I reviewed code paths from all hooks used in ep93xx driver to make sure
that we use only ep93xx_pata_read/ep93xx_pata_write instead of ioread/iowrite.

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