Re: [PATCH] sata_nv,ahci: add the ahci legacy mode support to sata_nv

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Peer Chen wrote:
Add the ahci controller legacy mode support to sata_nv.
Move the DIDs of legacy mode from ahci.c to sata_nv.c

The patch base on kernel 2.6.23-rc8

Signed-off-by: Peer Chen <peerchen@xxxxxxxxx>

Would you mind checking libata-dev.git#upstream, and make sure it has all the NV patches?

I'm thinking I should go ahead and push the 'nv-swncq' branch, which contains the sata_nv updates for swncq. They have been in -mm for a while. I am leaning towards leaving the default to 'off' for 2.6.24 though.

Comments welcome...


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