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Re: [regression] Re: [PATCH 2/3] futex: Sanitize cmpxchg_futex_value_locked API

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Patch proposed by Tony in works for me :-)

Many thanks,


Le 8 mars 2012 22:12, Émeric Maschino <emeric.maschino@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
> Oops, just to correct myself: the tests described below DON'T return
> gracefully with kernel 3.2. Sorry for the mistake.
>     Emeric
> Le 8 mars 2012 21:59, Émeric Maschino <emeric.maschino@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
>> ERROR: No such process: FUTEX_CMP_REQUEUE_PI failed
>> For memories, this test passed successfully with 2.6.38-rc8+, with AND
>> without 37a9d912b24f included.
>> Now, adding locked argument, I'm getting:
>> ERROR: Function not implemented: FUTEX_REQUEUE_PI failed
>> Huh? Both these tests nevertheless gracefully return with kernel 3.2,
>> while the second test enters in an unfinite loop with buggy
>> 2.6.38-rc8+.
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