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Re: [PATCH v2] arch/ia64: remove references to cpu_*_map.

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On Wed, 15 Feb 2012 13:02:40 -0800, Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Feb 2012 16:23:34 +0530
> "Srivatsa S. Bhat" <srivatsa.bhat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > This patch ought to go along with the patchsets that do cleanups in other
> > architectures as well.. And it looks like Rusty's patchset[1] is a superset of
> > Venki's patchset[2].. So, Rusty, would you kindly take this patch into your
> > patchset? (It should come before the 11/12 in your patchset. This should apply
> > at that point easily, because I have modified it to suit your 11/12 which also
> > touches ia64).
> OK, I'm officially all confused.  I think I'll drop everything and wait
> until it settles down.  Please, someone prepare a single patch series.
> The cpumask-related patches whcih I'm currently holding are:
> smp-introduce-a-generic-on_each_cpu_mask-function.patch
> #arm-move-arm-over-to-generic-on_each_cpu_mask.patch: fold
> arm-move-arm-over-to-generic-on_each_cpu_mask.patch
> #tile-move-tile-to-use-generic-on_each_cpu_mask.patch: fold
> tile-move-tile-to-use-generic-on_each_cpu_mask.patch
> smp-add-func-to-ipi-cpus-based-on-parameter-func.patch
> smp-add-func-to-ipi-cpus-based-on-parameter-func-fix.patch
> smp-add-func-to-ipi-cpus-based-on-parameter-func-update.patch
> smp-add-func-to-ipi-cpus-based-on-parameter-func-update-fix.patch
> smp-add-func-to-ipi-cpus-based-on-parameter-func-v9.patch
> smp-add-func-to-ipi-cpus-based-on-parameter-func-v9-fix.patch
> slub-only-ipi-cpus-that-have-per-cpu-obj-to-flush.patch
> fs-only-send-ipi-to-invalidate-lru-bh-when-needed.patch
> mm-only-ipi-cpus-to-drain-local-pages-if-they-exist.patch
> mm-only-ipi-cpus-to-drain-local-pages-if-they-exist-update.patch
> mm-only-ipi-cpus-to-drain-local-pages-if-they-exist-v9.patch
> #
> arch-ia64-remove-references-to-cpu__map.patch
> cpumask-avoid-mask-based-num_possible_cpus-and-num_online_cpus.patch
> So I'm thinking the thing to do is to drop just the final two?

Keep them all, I'll rebase on top of linux-next, and send you a few
patches.  I'm not going to break down by arch, that was just in the hope
that the arch maintainers themselves would take them...

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