Re: [xfbb] AX.25 Packet Radio on a RaspBerry Pi : a success

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Hello All,

In case someone did not notice, Raspbian distros include AX.25 modules since July 2012 version. There were since new updates in august and september 18.

Thus, it is not necessary to download anymore my own Raspbian compile package.

Don't forget to perform "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" from time to time in order to download package updates for your RPi.

73 de Bernard, f6bvp

Le 14/09/2012 10:11, Paul Lewis a écrit :
Hi Gays

Thought I would give and update
Have now got the system running as a linuxnode.
Have not switch on the radio yet connected to a usb serial port
AX25IPD Ax25 and netrom connections work.
Telnet to the linuxnode from on the local machine

net44 IP over AX25UDP does not work.
I have never got this working on my partners when they upgraded to the
2.6 kernels and the associated ax25ipd during the last decade.
So this problem has caught up with me again..

Works fine on my 2.2.26 kernel the version of ax25ipd that I am using
ax25-apps- (installed 4.6.2007)

Will provide feedback in a new thread.

Encounter one gotcha though, that got me going for a couple of days. Was
the netrom interfaces were always in use and the nrrattach fails, no
spare netrom device.
Also the ttyUSB0 interface was 'grab by the system'

Confirmed netrom, ax25, mkiss modules loaded
the required alias defined the /etc/modprobe.d
conf files.

See these referenced during the system boot and message log file.

Traced (ps -ef) to the /etc/default/ifplugd hotplug deamon that auto
connects 'by default' all interfaces.
Change the attribute HOTPLUG INTERFACES="all"  to "lo eth0"

and we got control of the system and nrrattach now worked.
73 Paul g4apl (gb7cip)

In message <4XcVlTClnzRQFwkJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Paul Lewis
<paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
Hello Charles and the others

your feedback is noticed.

Yes I do have the source code that I could ftp across and compile.

Also your RMS gate on a Raspberry Pi has come up now..

Thanks for the support and feedback
Paul g4apl

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