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> All I want to do is connect 2 dula port TNC's and a WX station to my
> Raspberry Pi and run an AMPRnet GATEWAY, an APRS IGATE and my
> WXstation with it! Is it possible? I use an ATOM MBO now with
> Slackware now, but I would like to start using my Raspberry Pi
> instead.

If you connect the USB RS-232 adapter to a Linux desktop and
run "lsusb -v" as root, you should be to see the USB device
descriptors, including the power requirement number.  

Safest thing to do would be to connect a powered USB hub
with its own wallwart between the Pi and the serial adapter;
this will relieve the Pi of the load and avoid the problem
entirely.  You could probably arrange to run the Pi and
the hub from a single power supply, with a splitter cable.

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