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> >>is it not possible to an 'axcall' to a call on the local system?
> >
> >What kind of AX.25 device are you having axcall use?  My experience is
> >that BPQ Ethernet won't do anything unless it actually hits an Ethernet
> >device, so I usually use a virtual machine for testing that way.  You
> >could probably set up an AXIP/AXUDP tunnel, but I've never tried it.
> >
> >Hopefully someone else has better ideas than I do, because it *would* be
> >handy to have an easy way to connect on a virtual loopback device.
> I don't think kernel supports looping back on AX.25 level. You can do
> something similar with pseudo tty's but it's not quite the same.
> But I know that NET/ROM in Linux does support loopback. You can connect
> to any NET/ROM service on your system from your system.

Do you know of any packet-radio-for-dummies documentation?
To be honest I'm very new to all of it.

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