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Hello Misko,

Lee Ve7et is the maintainer of "unofficial" AX.25 suite.
These AX.25 programs are constantly updated, as opposed to the certainly too slowly maintained "official" versions.

We are willing to repare all known bugs as soon as possible.

If you have personal solutions to known or unknown bugs, please let us know by sending patches to the linux-ham list with copies to Ralf DL5BE.

We will do our best to improve the AX.25 libraries and applications.

73 de Bernard, f6bvp

Le 21/10/2011 06:02, David Ranch a écrit :

Hello Bernard, Ralf, Thomas,

I've been meaning to ask this question for a while now: Do you know why
the official version of the ax25 apps/libs/tools hasn't been updated in
ages? I've been slowly hacking up the legacy "released" versions to work
around bugs I've found in my personal uses and I'm sure there are other
issues I haven't hit.. yet:

nrattach.c - non-incrementing nr interfaces (netrom)

axipd/kiss.c - control byte non-zero when used for axudp tunnels

It seems that many of these issues are resolved in the official CVS but
maybe other issues as you pointed out in that Google URL aren't. It
would be nice if we could at least get the current CVS pushed out as say
a new official version of 0.0.13 and be aligned across all three
packages. Even better, have this 0.0.13 version integrate the fixes in
the Google repo too?


Bernard, f6bvp wrote:
Hello Miroslav,

I now understand the libax25 issue.
Debian and alike libax25 packages are installing AX.25 libraries into
/usr/lib/ whereas by default xfbb link process is expecting libax25.*
in /usr/local/lib directory.

You will certainly know how to edit Makefile in order to tell it where
to find the libraries.

I must say that for many reasons I do prefere to get all hamradio
applications and libraries in /usr/local subdirectories.
This is more convenient for backups and file search.

Last remark : there have been some updates and bug removals in the
"unofficial" libax25, tools and apps that I gave you as compared to
the "old one" you are using (libax25 > 0.0.11-6.1).

This is the result of an intensive work performed by Lee VE7FET with
FPAC development team. The site I gave you the address has Debian /
Ubuntu compatible packages. You should consider using them. This will
not break anything in your application but rather remove some failure

73 de Bernard, f6bvp

Le 15/10/2011 00:10, Miroslav Skoric a écrit :
On 10/11/2011 10:18 AM, f6bvp wrote:
*Hello Miroslav,

It looks like you did not install AX.25 libraries (libax25) before
installing FBB.
Look at the following link :

73 de Bernard, f6bvp

Hi Bernard,

I already had libax25 (as well as ax25-apps and ax25-tools) before
trying to compile FBB. Btw, in respect to repositories of Ubuntu and
Debian communities, I installed the version they both provided: libax25

However, I checked the link above, but not sure what their versions
might help me in regard to the FBB compiling issue. In fact, I would
like to keep the existing ax25 stuff, provided they bring basic
functionality (for example, I managed to activate a few Linux nodes in
Ubuntu and Debian, and now I am in the process of configuring them to
interact with Win/BPQ32 nodes in the mixed Lin/Win dual-boot

What else could I eventually try to install/reinstall?

Misko, YT7MPB
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