RS232-USB conversion (was: Compiling FBB)

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On 10/15/2011 12:00 PM, Marc Coevoet wrote:
Op 15-10-11 09:55, Bernard, f6bvp schreef:
Hello Miroslav,

I now understand the libax25 issue.
Debian and alike libax25 packages are installing AX.25 libraries into
/usr/lib/ whereas by default xfbb link process is expecting libax25.*
in /usr/local/lib directory.

No, the link libs are known when compiled (even when different distros
use different hierarchies). Everything can be configured in an option of

OK guys, thank you all for your advices ...will see about compiling FBB when I return from a conference trip. Btw, after a long time of avoiding to purchase a laptop/notebook comp (and still living well without a cellphone :-)), I have been thinking about an inexpensive portable comp that could run not only PPT (or similarly formatted) scientific presentations, but also to give me an opportunity to run my TNC2S (an old German-made TNC), which connects over RS232. I do not know if some of you have experience with some of those adapters that convert an USB output of a laptop to a RS232 connector of a TNC. I heard that some adapters (if not all) come with a kind of software that makes them thinking that the computer still has COM1, COM2, etc, but I don't know if such software works only in M$ world or/and in Linux too. (In the other words, I would like to have a relatively modern machine, but to avoid buying an expensive one that is still equipped with RS232.)


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