New F6FBB BBS version 7.05c05

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Here is a new version of F6FBB BBS with a few changes described in CHANGES file :

7.05c5 (F6BVP)
- Charley K4GBB asked "With todays RTC clocks and NTP servers is there still a need to freeze the Housekeeping process because the last check failed ?". Corrected. epurmess no more checks the date of epurmess.res. - "Official libax25" introduced a new feature in ax25_ntoa() function removing SSID 0 in callsigns when present.
  This has been a major source of AX.25 application programs dysfunctions.
  A new local function _ax25_ntoa() is used by FBB to avoid such issues.

KNOWN BUGS under investigation

- Barry VK2AAB reported that he has a 300bd HF partner who does not want 7+ files. However he found that "J 0" in forward file does not work. 7+ files should not be sent.

Meanwhile sysops are encouraged to use "J 2" parameter that will limit 7+ file forward to personal data.

73 de Bernard, f6bvp

Le 24/06/2011 06:49, Barry a écrit :
Hello Paul,
                 Yes 5c04 is OK I am runnig it now.

Barry VK2AAB

Paul Brown wrote:
Hello Bernard,

I was going to set up another computer with xdfbb, but I see the
source for xd705b is no longer available. Is xd705c04 the best source
to use right now?

Thank you

73, Paul - N6RME

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