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On Sun, 13 Mar 2011, echicken wrote:

My ax25d.conf is:

[VE3XEC-2 via ax0]
default * * * * * * - root /usr/local/sbin/axconv axconv 2000

ax25d launches and goes into the background without any errors, and
continues to run, but when I connect to VE3XEC-2 the behavior is
exactly the same as when ax25d isn't running at all (I simply see
"Connected to VE3XEC-2") and my connection is not forwarded to the
service running on port 2000 of

I can run axconv from the command line and connect to the service
specified in ax25d.conf, and the output is what I'm expecting.

So the connection is being made, but ax25d never seems to be doing its
thing.  Hopefully I'm just missing something simple - but I'm at a

Go check out the archives for 01/02/2009 through 01/26/2009 and read the threads:

    "ax25d not hearing incoming connection requests"
    "Problems with ax25d/axspawn on OpenSuSE 11.0 32-bit"

See if anything there sounds familiar and/or might help.

Curt, WE7U.
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