Re: YAM modems at higher (shared) IRQ's

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On Sat, 12 Mar 2011, Ray Wells wrote:

Have sent you some YAM files I've collected over the years. Have other documentation in hard copy format including connections to various parts of the FPGA. I'm still looking for an article on a modification to the YAM to help it cope with varying DC voltage that might be applied to the input from the radio discriminator with DC coupling. Another modification was to use a separate power supply to overcome some comports supplying insufficient voltage.

Woohoo!  Got your other message, thanks!

I've been prowling around and found about three sites that have YAM info on them.  Found/downloaded the yam1_10.mcs file today which it says I need for these two boards (which are v1.10b).

I found a "MK1" YAM clone on one site which had a different layout and the site was written in a language I didn't know.  I saw mention (On that site I think) of a power mod for external power, but was not aware of any DC-coupling mod.  I'd be quite interested in both of those mods.

I don't know if I'll end up using a YAM much, or for long.  If not I can pass off what I've collected to the next guy with a better Linux driver and maybe some H/W mods to make them work better.

These are the YAM sites I know of:

SMD version:

Clone board:

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