Re: Patch improving ROSE routing

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Hi Charley,

I made a few connect request through the ROSE FPAC network you modified and agree
that it works faster and much more efficiently.

The good and completely unexpected surprise is that F6BVP node is now connected
directly to KP4DJT ! Although I have no explanation, I am very glad.

I encourage you to add, as I did in KP4DJT routing table, default generic routes with
four digits DNICs in all your nodes routing tables.
These DNIC routes should be populated with three best nodes toward the final goal.

Considering the results I am encouraged to commit the patch right now for it to be included as soon as possible in next kernel release and appear in due time in Linux distros.

Thanks for your help.

73 de Bernard, f6bvp

Le 01/12/2010 21:37, C Schuman a écrit :
Either the AxUDP ports are working better or the ROSE patch has made a *HUGE* improvement.
I installed the patch on approx half of our Servers.
In Every case connectivity has improved and connections go thru at warp speed.


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