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Thomas Osterried wrote:
On 2010-06-23 14:33:29 +0200, folkert <folkert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
wrote in <20100623123328.GL15838@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Am I right that neither tcpdump nor wireshark support an AX25 network

There's support for tcpdump / wireshark. The patch is dated 2007.
More on this was written on this list in
Message-ID: <4BC03EBF.3010701@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 10:02:55 +0100 From: Richard Stearn <richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: AX.25 in Wireshark (nee Ethereal)
	- Thomas  dl9sau

I have released a more recent patches as of 10th April 2010, against tcpdump 4.1 & wireshark 1.2.7 which can be found here:

You will have to recompile tcpdump/wireshark as some of the changes
are in fundamental parts of code.

Thank you Thomas for highlighting the question, I had missed the
original posting.

73 de g1sog

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