DBLog 1.4

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Hi everybody,

I have just uploaded the version 1.4 of DBLog on


---- Supports transverters: For every transverter an entry into the new 
table "transverters" of  the database, allows to configure the band, the 
local oscillator and the transceiver band and mode.

---- Al bands up to 1mm are supported.

---- Uses the new  "Extended protocol" with rigctld. It needs Hamlib >= 1.2.11

---- Statistics and summary for DXCC, WAC

---- WEFAX of Fldigi is supported  like a special band.

---- Database backup

---- Update statistics now puts the dxcc number were missed


     * Group home page: http://groups.google.com/group/dblog-Linux-logger
     * Group email address dblog-Linux-logger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


DBLog is a logger program for Linux inspired to Logger32 and to N1MM_Logger.

It works in harmony with fldigi  and with wsjt for operating digi-modes and
weak signal modes.

DBLog  is UTF-8 compliant and sensitive to the 'locale'. 

It stores all QSO data's and QSL pictures  into the RDBM PostgreSQL.

It uses cwdaemon to send CW code, hamlibs to control the radio and xdx
or DBCluster to receive cluster spots.

Can be used by other ham-radio programs as a logger-server (EME or other 
digimodes as implemnted for wsjt)

Has a Client/Server architecture, so multi-operators stations can log at the 
same time into the same log.

Beyond sources for GAMBAS2 ( http://gambas.sf.net ) there are available the 
installation packages for Debian, OpenSuSE, Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu and 
It is also available an "Autotool" package.

It is distributed under the GPL licence. 

Bug reports and comments are welcome.

Best 73


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