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Hi Terry,
nice to see you here, back in the HAM community !

I'm using Linux without the AX25 support because the packet users are a 
very limited number and the official HOWTO is now very obsolete.
I'm using Ubuntu Server, wich is a Debian derived, and it would be nice 
if you can update the AX25 HOWTO to this Linux distro (and also the the 
other modern distros)...
Sadly, when I started my Linux server mainly 
for implementing a DxCluster node with Ubuntu, I had not found info 
about how to setup the AX25 and due to the limited number of users 
interested to connect my node via packet radio, I've decided to leave 
my server accessible only via internet connection... BTW, if you can 
update the HOWTO, I may add the ax25 to my cluster node very happyfully 

If you want, we can start a private discussion about...

Vy 73 de 
Luigi, ik5zuk  

>> With the greatest respect to Jeff Trantor and the 
previous author of the
>> ax25 howto, Terry Dawson (a fellow vk2), I've 
always found the official
>> document to be of limited value. The 
principal problem is currency of
>> the document in a changing 
>I haven't looked at the AX.25 HOWTO since I handed it 
over to Jeff in 
>2000. Indeed, I'd pretty much left amateur radio 
about that time. I'm 
>getting back into it somewhat again now.
packet still popularly used with Linux? Things seem very quiet in 

>Sydney, hard to find a packet radio signal at all, let alone anyone 

>using Linux.
>Has there been much demand for the HOWTO? If there has 
I might consider 
>updating it again.
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