Re: USB converters and old hardware

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On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 03:37:03 pm Douglas Cole wrote:
> I have to agree, I use the Keyspan adapters at work and at home.
> They work for me as well, both the multiport devices as well as the
> single port ones (USA19-HS)...
> Port replicator for my work HP laptop gives me a 'real' serial port
> (COM1 in Win32 land)...

Thanks Doug and Stuart for the extra information.

I have an unbranded duel port USB to serial converter that works perfectly 
with all sorts of serial devices except my Baycom clone modem. Can 
anyone confirm that the Keyspan converter will allow me to use my modem 
once again? The tripplite site does not say that their converter provides a 
genuine serial port and I suspect that it doesn't.

Even though Soundmodem works well I have found that my Baycom 
modem is far superior in that it will decode packets just above the noise 
level. Rather than fool around with USB to serial converters maybe I might 
be better off looking for a used TNC?

By the way, for those who suggested a PCMCIA option, my laptop does not 
have a PCMCIA slot.

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