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I do a lot of beta testing of the latest distros from SuSE and run them
on a 1000 MHz P3 with 1GB of RAM. I also run the latest SuSE dual boot
with XP on a 1000 MHz laptop with 512 MB and don't have any issues at
all. W2K runs WAY too slow compared with XP. Just load XP first. Linux
will take it from there.
The biggest issue I had with my laptop was the BIOS won't handle a hard
drive larger than 120 GB. Performance with Linux is not an issue. You
just won't be able to do the fancy 3D graphics.

Mike, W1NR

Stef Daniels VK5HSX wrote:
> Hi Randall..
> Randall wrote:
>> I just picked up a CF-M34 866Mhz 512mb RAM.
>> I'm wondering what would be the best version of Linux to install,
>> either a
>> Linux only or a dual boot with Xp or W2K system.
>> It would have to be wireless capable for internet use.
>> I have a copy of Xubuntu but haven't used it yet.
>> I've used SuSe, Ubuntu and Debian before, some years ago, but newer
>> versions
>> probably take more horse power.
> With regards to legacy type hardware, some options for the system
> include:
> Puppy Linux
> Ubuntu Lite (U-Lite)
> using Ubuntu
> TinyMe
> based on Unity Linux.
> Zenwalk
> Vector
> both based on Slackware Linux.
> There as several that can be used on older hardware, it just depends
> on flavour or version of linux the distro is based on.

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