New FBB 7.04r2 release

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Hi FBB sysops and users,

I published a modified version of FBB BBS 7.04r2 with
small changes to reduce both debug verbose output /var/log/fbb.log (optional) and more importantly,
CPU load.
Observed xfbbd CPU load was 7-14%, sometime peeking
even higher.
It is now less than 1%.
This patch has been backported to versions 7.04o2 and 7.04p2

Here are two important recommandations : boot kernel in
single processor mode (online grub command : nosmp) On 64 bit systems, add N 1 parameter in forward script
to preclude forward compression.

Read more here :

FBB source package may be downloaded from :

Version 7.04 is still under debugging phase, with latest
intermediary versions 7.04s.nn

73 de Bernard, f6bvp
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