Proposal for coding in UTF-8

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Hi de ZP4KFX

I propose to include into the standard the following tag for the header:


ENCODING can be absent or can be <ENCODING:10>ISO-8859-1

This is already implemented in my DBLog...see

DBLog works on Linux and stores data's on PosgreSQL, both of which are UTF-8 

DBLog can export both in ISO-8859-1 or in UTF-8.

Importing, if it  finds into the header <ENCODING:5>UTF-8  then does not do 
any coversion.
If it  finds  <ENCODING:10>ISO-8859-1 or no ENCODING tag, then converts into 

The difference is mainly for the accented vowels (from 128 to 256) that come 
mainly by N1MM or Logger32 ADIF files.

Also other loggers could follow this method or be aware of the ENCODING tag to 
avoid errors.

Best 73 de


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