Re: osd_req_encode_op() breakage?

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On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 10:09:05AM -0500, Alex Elder wrote:

> Yes, you are absolutely correct.
> We have obviously not done endianness checks in this code for
> some time.
> I will commit a fix and credit you for it.  I'll also make sure
> we are doing proper testing for this sort of thing on a regular
> basis.

FWIW, that got caught by sparse, but I would really recommend _testing_
on big-endian - getting an emulated headless e.g. mips box is fairly
easy with qemu; I'd done that with debian big-endian mips userland on
emulated malta and it didn't take much work to set up.

Speaking of sparse, I think we simply ought to add -D__CHECK_ENDIAN__
to CHECKFLAGS in top-level Makefile.  It's not _that_ much noise
these days...  Not sure which tree should that go through, though...
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