Re: mkfs.ext4 vs. e2fsck discard oddities

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On 3/1/2012 9:54 AM, Lukas Czerner wrote:
Well, it is not default right ? So the user should better know what is
he doing. Moreover it is not like it is end of the world when we do not
provide that option, since SSD's will handle over provisioning to some
extent even without slowdown, and as for thin-provisioned devices you
should know why you're overriding defaults and what it means for you.

Anyway, if people really want this another option to discard all the
block groups including those UNINIT ones, I guess I can not resist that
:). '-E discard_all' maybe ?

I think the option is a little more generic than discard. The uninit groups are not discarded because they are not checked in the first place. A bad group descriptor checksum will force the group to be checked, and thus discarded as well. I think what is needed is an option to trigger the same thing: force all groups to be checked, even if they are uninit and have good descriptor checksums. Maybe -E thorough?

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