Delayed Extent Tree and Extent Lock Tree

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Hi Yongqiang,

I've have been working on an extent lock implementation that uses an rbtree to keep track of locked extents, and I think I will probably end up with a something similar to the tree that you've already set up for delayed extents. So I wanted to send a note out to see what folks would think about the idea of merging the two solutions.

If we did this, the tree would get a little more complex in that it would have to keep track of more than just delayed extents. It would have to keep track of all extents and the processes that are waiting on them. So I guess it would kind of turn into an extent status tree. I also realize that some folks wanted to see range locks go into /lib as general purpose code so that other filesystems or kernel code could use it too, but the advantage to this approach would be one less tree for ext4 to keep track of. Any thoughts?

Allison Henderson

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