[PATCH 0/7] ext4: cleanups and regression fixes for grow/shrink logic V3

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changes from v2 (in responce to comments from tytso@)
 - split punch_hole handler patch in to reviewable peaces.
 - redesign error path for ext4_ext_map_blocks

##First patch is a fix for real issue
 ext4: Restore old EOFBLOCKS flag state after error
##Code cleanup for shrink logic.
 ext4: move inode indepth shrink logic to didicated function
##The rest are punch hole logic fixes
 ext4: Move punch hole logic to didicated function
 ext4: punch_hole fix extent conversion
 ext4: Update inode's transaction id after punch_hole
 ext4: punch hole should be restarted after transaction restart
 ext4: update EOFBLOCK flags after punch hole
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