buggy_init_scritps and e2fsprogs 1.41.9

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I face a bug in openSUSE since I updated to 1.41.9: you have
to manually fix your file system if you happened to mount the
file system in the wrong timezone on a machine using localtime
hardware clock.

Now this happens very easily if you boot a live cd and mount
your system from the live cd - but fsck will _not_ correct the
problem ;(

The release notes of 1.41.9 talk only about the exact opposite
case: "Fix e2fsck's buggy_init_scritps=1 so that the if the last 
write and/or last mount times are in the future, they are corrected 
even if buggy_init_scripts is set."

I don't want to set buggy_init_scripts for openSUSE as the init
scripts are not buggy, but a live cd is a live cd and has no idea
what the timezone of the system is configured to and even a ro
mount will destroy your file system ;(

Greetings, Stephan

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