Re: [PATCH] netfilter: Fix br_nf_pre_routing() in conjunction with bridge-nf-call-ip(6)tables=0

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Am 05.01.2012 20:50, schrieb Bart De Schuymer:
> Op 5/01/2012 0:13, Richard Weinberger schreef:
>> Let's export brnf_call_iptables and brnf_call_ip6tables, such that
>> physdev_mt_check() can notify the user that his iptables rule will have
>> no effect.
> I don't want to introduce a runtime dependency between the iptables
> physdev module and the bridge module.
> This should keep working:
> #modprobe bridge
> #modprobe xt_physdev
> #rmmod bridge
> It will stop working if you use exported symbols of the bridge module in
> the physdev module.

IMHO this behavior would be useful. 8-)

Removing bridge while xt_physdev is loaded will make some netfilter
rules void.
Which is not fun on a production firewall.


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