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Le 18/01/2011 11:27, Claudio Prono a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I don't have a big experience with stp protocol, so i need some help on
> configuration.
> My scenario is the following:
> I have one (ore more) system behind two redundat switches. The system
> have 2 ethernet cards, so it is connected with the two switches, and the
> switches are connected each other. connected to the two switches there
> is a linux firewall, with 3 ethernet cards. Two are connected to the
> switches, the last one is connected to the internet router.
> There is my questions:
> - The system behind the two redundant switches must have 2 IP Address?
> One for each card?
> - The Firewall must have 2 "Internal" IP addresses? And if yes, how i
> can NAT this to an external address?
> Anyone have experence in scenarios like this and can help me for a
> correct configuration?
> Any type of help is well accepted.


You should try to use the bonding module on the system behind the two redundant switches and on the 

Bonding will aggregate two NIC into a single (virtual) one. This virtual NIC will hold the IP 
address. In case of a failure, bonding will automatically use the other path.


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