[Lf-announce] Linux Foundation Monthly Newsletter: October 2010

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In this month's Linux Foundation newsletter:

* New Linux Foundation User Survey Shows Linux to Achieve Significant Gains
* New Open Compliance Resources Available
* Linux Kernel Summit & Plumbers Conferences Are Coming Up
* Aava Mobile, Insprit and OpenLogic Join The Linux Foundation
* The Linux Foundation in the News
* Upcoming Training Opportunities

==> New Linux Foundation User Survey Shows Linux to Achieve
Significant Gains <==

The Linux Foundation recently published a new report: “Linux Adoption
Trends: A Survey of Enterprise End Users.” According to data collected
from the world's largest enterprises, Linux is poised to take
significant market share from Unix and Windows, is becoming more
mission critical in the enterprise and more strategic to the CIO.

The data in the report reflects the results of an invitation-only
survey of The Linux Foundation’s Enterprise End User Council as well
as other companies and government organizations. The survey was
conducted by The Linux Foundation in partnership with Yeoman
Technology Group and received responses from more than 1900
individuals, which were filtered to analyze the data from among the
world's largest organizations.

Key findings from the report include:
• 79.4 percent of companies are adding more Linux relative to other
operating systems in the next five years.

• More people are reporting that their Linux deployments are
migrations from Windows than any other platform, including Unix
migrations. 66 percent of users surveyed say that their Linux
deployments are brand new (“Greenfield”) deployments.

• Among the early adopters who are operating in cloud environments,
70.3 percent use Linux as their primary platform, while only 18.3
percent use Windows.

• 60.2 percent of respondents say they will use Linux for more
mission-critical workloads over the next 12 months.

• 86.5 percent of respondents report that Linux is improving and 58.4
percent say their CIOs see Linux as more strategic to the organization
as compared to three years ago.

• Drivers for Linux adoption extend beyond cost: technical superiority
is the primary driver, followed by cost and then security.

• The growth in Linux, as demonstrated by this report, is leading
companies to increasingly seek Linux IT professionals, with 38.3
percent of respondents citing a lack of Linux talent as one of their
main concerns related to the platform.

• Users participate in Linux development in three primary ways:
testing and submitting bugs (37.5 percent), working with vendors (30.7
percent) and participating in The Linux Foundation activities (26.0

To download the full report, please visit:

==> New Open Compliance Resources Available <==

The Linux Foundation's latest white paper in its series on Open
Compliance is available now. It is titled "A Glimpse Into Recommended
Practices in a FOSS Compliance Management Process." This paper is
available in two parts: part one covers recommended practices that map
to the various steps within a FOSS compliance management end-to-end
process. Part two will follow (in the November time frame) with
emphasis on FOSS compliance considerations in relation to source code
modifications, notices, distribution, software design, usage, linkages
and code mixing.

Also, the Self-Assessment Checklist will be available the week of
November 1, 2010. It will be a free download and consists of an
extensive checklist of compliance practices found in industry-leading
compliance programs. Companies can use the Self-Assessment Checklist
as a confidential, internal tool to assess their progress in
implementing a rigorous compliance process and help them prioritize
their process improvement efforts. To request a copy, please visit:

For more information on our latest Open Compliance resources, visit
Amanda McPherson's blog:

==> Linux Kernel Summit & Plumbers Conferences Are Coming Up <==

The Linux Kernel Summit is taking place November 1-2, 2010 in
Cambridge, MA. The event brings together the world's leading core
kernel developers to discuss the state of the existing kernel and plan
the next development cycle. This two-day conference is invitation-only
and focuses on development and innovation through sessions and
workshops that encourage interaction and discussion between kernel
developers and industry leaders.

The Linux Plumber's Conference follows the Summit on November 3-4,
2010: http://www.linuxplumbersconf.org/2010/.

==> Aava Mobile, Insprit and OpenLogic Join The Linux Foundation <==

Three new companies joined The Linux Foundation this month.

* Aava Mobile is a maker of open device reference platform looks to
Linux collaboration for new smartphones and tablets and is
participating in the MeeGo project with specific emphasis around
x86-based devices and the mobile user interface.

* Korea's leader in mobile convergence technologies and devices,
Insprit, is joining The Linux Foundation to collaborate on Linux
development and to provide technical contributions to Android, MeeGo
and other Linux-based mobile platforms that will fuel both
next-generation devices and networks.

* OpenLogic was one of the founding members of FOSSBazaar, a Linux
Foundation workgroup dedicated to open source governance. Today,
the company is contributing to The Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance Program
(which includes FOSSBazaar) and is actively involved with work on the
SPDX data exchange standard used for sharing software bill of materials.

==> The Linux Foundation in the News <==

Defenders of Free Software
The New York Times

Linux Eats Microsoft's Lunch in Servers

Windows to Linux Defections to Outpace Unix Shifts in 2011
The Register

Reports of Linux's Desktop Death are Premature

Survey Says! Linux Fits into Long-Range Plans for Business

==> Upcoming Training Opportunities from The Linux Foundation <==

LF320: Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging
December 13-17, 2010

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