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I wrote a script which generically set a bridge on some machines running 
OpenSuse. Basically the script copy a bridge configuration file in 
/etc/sysconfig/network (ifcfg-br0) and delete the eth0 (ifcfg-eth0) 
config file. After a reboot the computer have an interface br0, a bridge 
which is accessing the network through eth0.

I'm using IPv6 which calculate the address thanks to the MAC address. At 
first, right after the machine boot, the address is clearly based on the 
eth0 MAC address. My problem is that then, it get calculated from the 
bridge MAC address which is, I believe, pretty random.

How can I fix that ? By declaring a static MAC address to the bridge ? 
Is that possible / a good way to fix my problem ?

Thanks for your time and answers,
François Schmidts
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